List of Gardening Tools and Their Uses

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Anybody who's either into gardening or planning taking the activity up will want certain garden supplies. This is when knowing the factors of a good garden tool set will come in handy. After all, any kind of outdoor garden work will be made much easier with the use of a proper set of tools. But what are the sorts of items which are commonly used in a gardening tool set?

Easi Grip Garden Tools - Cultivator
Easi Grip Garden Tools - Cultivator Easi Grip Garden Tools . Garden tools take the strain and discomfort on hands and wrists out of gardening for all gardeners. . Ergonomically angled handle keeps the hand and wrist in a natural position. . Stainless steel metal section helps prevent soil adhesion. . The “soft-fell” non-slip grip prevents the tools from turning in the hand, giving a firmer grip even in wet conditions.

Draw Hoe

This is a long handled tool used for weeding using a chopping action and for drawing up soil around plants "earthing up". You can get also double hoes which incorporate a draw hoe and cultivator in one.

 Dutch Hoe

 This Dutch Hoe has been designed to be lightweight and remarkably comfortable to use: it has an long shaft and soft feel gripping point. Dutch hoes are used by either pushing or pulling the blade through the top 1/2" of soil to kill weeds and loosen soil in vegetable and flower beds without back breaking effort. The head is made from hardened carbon steel. Not only rust resitant but also easy to keep clean. Unconditionally guaranteed by Spear & Jackson for 10 years against any defect.

Garden Fork 

This is a long handled fork which has 4-5 rounded prongs or tines used for digging soil in situations where using a spade may be difficult and also for turning the soil over to make it more workable


A long handled tool used  create a fine tilth for a seed bed, to level  it out and to gather up surface stones. Do not confuse with a spring tine rake which has little use when growing crops.


A long handled tool traditionally  used for digging, shovelling soil and compost.  They are available in various sizes and can often be bought as a set together with a garden fork.


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